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Conductors Vacancy
David Uhrig
Artistic Director Lori Gould
Bb\Eb Soprano John Ailabouni
Mike Flickinger
Ron Jimison
Bill Jones
Marie Mehler
Paul Michalsen
Ray Oset
Carly Uhrig
Paul Roache
Chad Snider
Leeann Sundquist
Brian Turner
David Uhrig
Eb Alto Vanessa Abalos
Bernhard Kirchner
Dinah Malosh
Celeste McClellan
Emilie Sargent
Bb Tenor Mike Deren
Kevin Phillips
Don Semones
J.R. Smith
Bb Baritone\Bass Fred Gebstadt
Carolyn Dicks
Laura Ketchum
Richard Rowe
Eb Bass Bob Calkins
Alan Estes
Vince Humphrey
Steve Molnar
Stan Towers
Randy Westmoreland
Percussion Jim Allison
Suzanne D'Ambrosio
Amber Kilgore
Scott Ludwig
Rick Rinke
Tom Root
Andre Torres
Vocalists Carol Ambrogio-Wood
Ted Badgerow
Julie Craigo
Annie Radcliffe
Dustin Scott
Dancing Master John Freeman


Photos from the Past